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creative media solutions

You have a message, and we have a passion for bringing it to life. Not just colouring inside the lines or shining the surface, but injecting energy and excitement into the DNA of your story. Creatipix moves beyond the traditional constraints and limitations of media production to offer innovative and engaging promotional solutions that will capture people’s hearts without breaking your bank.

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We also specialise in helping

Non-Profits, NGO's, Charities, Churches, Clubs, and Community Groups

to navigate the world of media production.

+64 6 876 5575

We have found Mark from creatipix to be of tremendous value to our organisaton. Mark has understood our needs and audience and has worked hard to create an online presence that has maximum impact. We get good feedback about our website. We truly regard Mark as part of our team.

Mark Fox
MAF New Zealand

Great service and very clear communication. Not only did Mark ask us all the right questions in order to put together the perfect video kit for our needs, he also helped us to not over-buy, while still being future-proof. I also really appreciated his approach-ability with questions and help now that we are using the kit.

Brian Krum
National Team Leader
Baptist Youth Ministries

Mark has years of experience and an uncanny eye for great shots and effective media production. He's creative, versatile and passionate which means he captures content efficiently and professionally, and delivers great media. Mark really seeks to understand the stories he is telling and it comes through in every frame.

Paul Dunn
Freelance Media Consultant

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here you will find our musings on things that captivate and interest us. 

“live for what’s worth dying for, and leverage technology
to create the world you wish to see.”

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In the United States, about two thirds of released prisoners are rearrested within three years. Joe was determined to never go back. This is Joe's story of pugilism, prison, and perseverance in hisRead more