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enhancing the story through image

invite readers to see what you’re saying

We all know that “a picture is worth a thousand words”; this maxim defines the essence of contemporary storytelling. Now, more than ever, the use of images in storytelling is crucial for both the audience and the storyteller.

Here are three of the key ways that images enhance your story:

1. Images grab our attention.

Technology now lets us tell our stories through a variety of mediums to diverse audiences. As storytellers, we face the challenge of grabbing the attention of people who are diverse and content-saturated.

Nothing arrests our attention more than a powerful image. It has the power to spark a thoughtful curiosity, encouraging us to delve further into the content. 

2. Images educate us.

We don’t just want to hear a story, we want to connect with it and engage with its message. Photos and videos invite us to join the storyteller on their journey and become part of the story. Through the lens of the camera, we enter new worlds—and there we find narratives that we can relate to, narratives that inform and expand our own world.

3. Images communicate identity.

Images that organisations publish or produce automatically reflect the organisations as a whole. So each image must be assessed in context before becoming part of a story. Ask yourself these questions: Does the image align to the organisation’s values and ethics? Does it promote the right message? Has it been obtained with integrity? Does the image portray the organisation’s work in the best possible light? The overarching question is, does this image work for or against the organisation?

The right image in the right context attracts people to the values embedded in the stories being told.

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