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Creating Incredible, Memorable Videos is Our Super Power!

Who was your favourite superhero growing up? Batman? Superman? Green Lantern? Point being, we all had a favourite superhero. Why? It was somebody to look up to. Somebody to aspire to be. As we get older, superheroes are less important to us. We become overworked and overwhelmed with bills and obligations. Time becomes a more valuable commodity than we ever thought and superheroes take a back seat in fantasy land as the real world became the dominating realm.

Your favourite superhero didn’t really disappear though. It just took up a different form. For adults, role models take the place of your childhood superhero. It might be your boss, a famous businessman, or a sports star. Those are great role models to aspire to be, but eventually, a new one will need to take place for your business to grow.

Video Killed the Radio Star

Videos have the power to inspire. Think about any movie you’ve ever watched. It doesn’t matter the genre. Every movie will have a lead role which eventually becomes the hero of the movie. They might take out the bad guy, or fall in love, or help their friends escape from the bad guys.

They all do one thing. They solve a problem. They can get everybody else in the movie from point A to point B. It’s a journey. Point A is the undesirable state in the beginning, where Point B is the desired state that everybody reaches at the end.

Nobody wants to be at Point A. This change; this journey has become so powerful in marketing that even commercials have turned into mini movies. There is always a hero solving a problem. But there’s one secret that the top companies know about making these videos that make them successful. One that once implemented will completely change the way your viewers see your company.

Video Shooting Tips and Tricks: The Best Type of Superhero

What makes these companies’ videos so successful?  Do they know how to shoot a great video?  They create their own superhero!  Not your typical superhero that can fly and have X-ray vision. They create one that can solve their customer’s problem.

They can fix their pain points. They are a true superhero in their customer’s eyes. But who to fill this void you ask? Here’s the secret the big companies know. The best superhero for your company is you.

When potential customers want to learn more about your company, they don’t care about some hired talent. I don’t care how talented that talent is. Nobody can show passion and enthusiasm for your business more than you. Your business is your livelihood and nobody knows it better. When you get on video, that passion and excitement will shine through and your viewers will notice it.

Video Shooting Basics

In today’s marketing world, video really is king. There is no better way to get your message across. People can connect and engage with you easier with video, and your sales will reflect it. Getting in front of the camera is absolutely essential for long-term success in this world. Every day you wait to get more involved in video is another day of growth wasted.

Video marketing has become a staple. The statistics are there to back it up as well.

About 50% learn more about a product or service before purchasing
Online viewers are 181% more likely to buy after viewing a demo
People spend 260% more time on pages with video
55% of people watch the entire video (the highest percentage of all content)
100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook daily
45% of people watch more than an hour of video a week on Facebook or YouTube

Video Making Tips for Beginners

You want to know how to make professional videos online…  You’re ready to get started.

Ok, you’re getting on camera. Great. You’ll get up there; the light turns on, you smile and…you freeze.  So, what are the video shooting basics?  What do you  do? Where do you hold your hands? These can all be challenges you are facing when trying to get more comfortable on camera. The solution? It just takes more time, but there are a few tactics you can try to make the transition a little easier.

Don’t follow a script. This doesn’t work for everybody, but it can help tremendously for those of you it does. Following a script can make you seem awkward and unnatural. Going into the video with a basic idea of what you want to cover and go for it. You’ll come off much more natural and it won’t seem like you’re fighting the urge to vomit.

Include something that comforts you. Having something in the video that comforts you can make it feel more natural for you to be on camera. Having your children or pets in the video can help add ease to your demeanor and help you create a persona that is calm and cool.

Be passionate. Nothing beats good ole passion for creating a video that gets people excited. How many times have you bought a product or service from someone that seems uninterested and could care less if they were there?

Not very often. Showing passion and excitement about your product or service on the video will show to your viewers that you believe in your product. It will show that you have something worth being excited about, and they’ll share that enthusiasm.